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Last week, we hosted an awesome education event in our MTA Berlin Lab by Travelling U, bringing together professionals from different fields to share insights and knowledge.

During the event, we had a round table discussion with Paz Ponce (educator and independent curator) and Alice Wood (educator implementing team-based models). Paz and Alice dialogued around the concept of how to generate learning spaces that foster diversity; which is the role that institutions have; and which are the main challenges that educators are facing nowadays.

Secondly, Teboho Msiza (student from LEINN Arts) guided a participative dynamic with the objective of making the educators reflect on their role as learners, and identify which are the main ingredients to facilitate quality learning spaces.

Lastly, Kaisu Tuominiemi (educator implementing team-based models) led an ideation session on how to imagine and build communities of educators.

We’re thrilled with the positive feedback we received from attendees, who left feeling inspired and motivated to apply their newfound knowledge in their work.

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