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In recent months, Travelling U has been actively collaborating with Hemper as part of our branding and communication strategy. We strongly believe in aligning ourselves with brands that share our values and creating a common ground for a shared message. 

What makes this partnership even more special is the fact that Hemper is a company founded by LEINN graduates, and one of our own, Lucia Lacuesta from LEINN International, joined their team during her final degree project.

At Travelling U, we believe that our community encompasses all of us, and to ensure that everyone feels involved and empowered, we designed a participatory process. This inclusive approach allowed us to develop a common message and create laptop cases that represent both Travelling U and Hemper, serving as a means to inspire and empower other young individuals.

This blog is dedicated to all the disruptors and pioneers who fearlessly and boundlessly imagine and create new opportunities aimed at making a positive impact. It is a celebration of those who work together in teams, fostering collaboration and innovation.

To visually capture the essence of our collaboration, we have stunning photographs taken by Travelling U members. Our communication specialists skillfully captured the vibrant spirit of Berlin through his lens. Additionally, LEINN Arts teampreneur David Roher from team company Completely Opposite provided his artistic perspective, capturing the unique essence of Bilbao.

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