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KULTURA AURRERA: An entrepreneurial program to empower local young creatives

In LEINN Arts together with the townhall of Bilbao we have detected, on the one hand, the enormous creative talent that exists in the new generations; and on the other hand, the lack of specialized programs in entrepreneurship in Creative and Cultural Industries.

Therefore, we have created an accompaniment program called Kultura Aurrera for young creatives located in Bilbao with the aim of providing tools and professional accompaniment to create their own entrepreneurial artistic-cultural project.

Kultura Aurrera & LEINN Arts attending to BIME event. 

Kultura Aurrera program had a duration of 3 months, from October to December, where participants developed their creative ideas and learnt how to  turn them into entrepreneurial projects. The program consisted of coaching sessions, mentoring with industry experts, practical workshops; open presentations of the projects, and exchange of knowledge between the participants.

Participants in a conversation with Nerea Díaz from Espacio Open 

The learning objectives of the program were: 

  • Understanding of Creative and Cultural Industries and being  able to start a project  in the field
  •  Mapping key local agents of the creative and cultural industries
  • Turning ideas into cultural entrepreneurial projects
  • Understanding the creation phases of entrepreneurial projects and implementing basic tools
  • Creation of one’s own project which has a real implementation

As a result of the program different project ideas were developed; such as, the creation of different performances to empower the local LGTBIQ+ communities; the development of a fashion runway including diverse models; the creation of a fashion magazine to explore the different professional paths for youngsters working in the field; the establishment of a local techno music scene through the use of abandoned industrial buildings; the development of an independent comic publishing company; etc. 

Acknowledgments to: 

Department of Culture of the Townhall of Bilbao; Bime Pro & Last Tour team; Nerea Díaz & Espacio Open team.

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