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South Summit 2023

South Summit 2023 was a gathering of brilliant minds, entrepreneurs, and industry experts, showcasing the transformative power of entrepreneurship and innovation. Among the exceptional participants were two #LEINNInternationalentrepreneurs, Astghik Zakharyan and Nicole Flamarique, who made a lasting impact on the event.

Astghik Zakharyan had the privilege of moderating a captivating fireside chat with esteemed participants Nahoko Hoshino, Director EMEA Investments at SoftBank, and Alister Moreno, CEO & Founder of Clikalia. The panel explored the importance of company leadership in a rapidly shifting macroeconomic environment, navigating fluid regulatory parameters. Together, they examined the optimal role of a founder during these times, delving into the delicate balance between prioritizing long-term vision and demonstrating flexibility amidst short-term fluctuations.

With expertise and passion, Astghik guided engaging conversations, fostering insightful discussions among Nahoko, Alister, and the attendees. The panel highlighted the significance of strong leadership in the face of evolving business landscapes, providing valuable takeaways for all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Nicole Flamarique, on the other hand, shared her invaluable experience and insights acquired through her journey with The Good Goal. The Good Goal is an app that challenges you to be more sustainable, helping you understand and reduce the impact of your actions while improving your sustainable habits in an accessible, easy, and motivating way. Through weekly challenges, you can acquire new habits and accumulate savings in CO2, water, and waste.

South Summit 2023 served as an exceptional platform for collaboration, networking, and knowledge exchange. It brought together visionaries from various fields, fostering a vibrant community of changemakers. The event celebrated entrepreneurship, leadership, and the collective efforts to shape a better future.

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